sabato 27 agosto 2016

Nissan Fairlady 300zx Zext's auto body work

Finally i placed this here now, sorry for bad screens!

Lee Shau Herng (©.©) :
"Finally a proper widebody kit for it"

●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●   

The kit is entirely made from scratch on the car based FM3... That is a lot to do in a short time... I wonder if I have more time to create new mod for now greet you with a goodbye! Thanks.

started 7/16/2015


giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34

Base model from FM4
Do-luck front bumper,fender,skirt and aero trunk,rear bump is a GK kit.
Led in fog and taillights. Cya!


giovedì 5 novembre 2015

High End Performance G37 W.i.P

 Start more days ago and today first full development, i present you this car with this elaboration.
Base model from forza motorsport and parts by me.
(Not only gran turismo could make it :D)

 started 9/12/2015