The end of Internet privacy aka CISPA

A new danger it's going to hit the free internet as we know it now if we don't stop CIPSA! If we don't stop it the US agents will have the power to spy in our facebook profiles,skype,msn and all other things we do online like downloading, sharing files etc. This is valid not only for american people but for all of us because for the most of the time we use USA's websites/programms and these are under USA's laws so, if CISPA will be approved they will have the right to do the things that i've written above!


Quote Cyber security is important not just for companies, but for us as internet users. It allows us to safely shop online, send emails, and pay our bills. But a privacy-destroying bill, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is making its way through the US Congress right now. CISPA would allow for the unlimited sharing of personal data amongst and between private companies and the government, without a single safeguard for privacy or civil liberties. If CISPA passes, it will set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the world. Technology companies who are currently supporting CISPA, like AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, and Verizon, should be protecting us from cyber security attacks but not through these methods. What we need to do is convince them of something we already know: Protecting us against cyber threats should be a priority but should not come at the expense of our civil liberties. That's why we're writing an urgent open letter to the nearly 30 companies supporting CISPA, asking them to stand up for the rights of their users and drop their support of the CISPA. Sign the petition and we'll deliver these letters to all the companies supporting CISPA before the Act goes to the vote.

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Quote Right now, the US is poised to pass a new law that would permit US agents to spy on almost everything we do online. But we can stop them before the final vote. Companies that we trust with our personal information, like Microsoft and Facebook, are key supporters of this bill that lets corporations share all user activity and content with US government agents without needing a warrant in the name of cyber-security -- nullifying privacy guarantees for almost everyone around the world, no matter where we live and surf online. If enough of us speak out, we can stop companies that profit from our business from supporting cyber-spying. Sign the petition now!