martedì 29 maggio 2012

Castleroad, PortLand, Edemhill, Nakayubi SA-MP 0.3e

Wazzaup guys! Another quick update/post to the drift maps!
A pack with 4 maps or individuals downloads.
Sakina, Akina and Episode 2 of SA-MP Objects are coming out soon!

Credits go to:
KOHDYKTOP for: Castleroad and PortLand

SanyaSpy for: Edemhill

??? for: Nakayubi


Castleroad Download

PortLand Download

Edemhill Download

Nakayubi Download

Please report any bugs, crash, problems you encounter with any of these maps, thx.

"IMPORTANT NOTE: because of the way i've converted this map, it will only work alone or with other maps that I will convert in these days, sorry about this but it's a factor of samp ids.