mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

Drift Maps for SA-MP 0.3e Updated

So, i've noticed that the last map pack i did was buged! I'm really sorry about that but i've noticed it only now because no one made a comment o whatever to warn me about it... anyway here's a pack with 7 maps for SA-MP 0.3e! Maps and credits:

Castleroad: KOHDYKTOP
EdemHill: SanyaSpy
Nakayubi: ???
Okaru: Fsubmotoring (i think, readme is unreadable)
Akina: dewalk28
NFSPS DriftClub: xDweb (i think, not sure)


Please report any bugs, crash, problems you encounter with any of these maps, thx.

"IMPORTANT NOTE: because of the way i've converted these maps, it will only work alone or with other maps that I convert, sorry about this but it's a factor of samp ids.