lunedì 21 aprile 2014

NEW Multi Theft Auto BEAM Server

I would like to start with the announcement about our new member, Doegi. He already made some mods, and very often took screenshot for us. But first of all is a greate friend.

And now I want to present you the new BEAM server, where everybody can use our mods and drift in some touge or circuit. Maybe you remember about our first attempt to host a server in SA:MP, but now we come back in MTA that is more efficient and customizable.

Project Features:
-Real car
-Touge and circuit like Akina or Ebisu
-A lot of new skin
-Better graphics
-Handling in game editor
-New radio system
-Other stuff

Screen from server:

Wait for the news about our future plans (a lot of plans xD)

Our server are open and playable at this IP :
You can also find the IP every time in top-right of this blog.

See you soon...